term 2, week 1.

Monday- Mr Lee passes away.

Tuesday- I dance after a week of not dancing. Lost everything

Wednesday- Witnessed the passing of the Gun Carriage

Thursday- Zayn leaves One Direction, + Dragon Boating. 2 totally different emotions.

Friday- Sore to the core.

Saturday- Last ballet class outside school.

Mr Lee has contributed so much to Singapore. He was the one that was clear of what he wanted to achieve and worked hard for it. He sacrificed his life for us. Even though he was strict and a no-nonsense person, he was very kind and humble. His love for his wife was like no other. I dont really have the words to describe how much Mr Lee has meant to all of us, but this quote from Mr Lee has inspired me and taught me to be grateful and thankful for the people around us: ‘At the end of the day, what I cherish the most are human relationships…It is the friendships I made and the close family ties I nurtured that have provided me with that sense of satisfaction at a life well-lived, and have made me what I am.’ Let us continue to live his legacy.

During the March holidays, my parents brought us to Tokyo! I ate good food there and saw cherry blossoms for the first time (*^▽^*) I also got to sled and it was so fun. Will be writing another post on my trip!

Since I went to Japan for the whole week and only came back on Saturday, I did not dance for the whole week and felt so flabby and just not alive! So going back to dance in school on Tuesday was so hard and it was challenging for me to not be let down so easily.

Before school commenced on Wednesday, we witnessed the passing of the Gun Carriage from the steps of my school. Almost the whole school was there to witnessed it and it was comforting to me that so many of us cared and respected Mr Lee. When I sang the National Anthem in school afterwards, I thought through all the things Mr Lee has done for us and really felt mournful.

Thursday: Got out of bed and dreaded the thought of having to go to school. Arrived in school safely. ‘Oh Zayn left One Direction’ my friend said. I obviously didn’t believe her. When I got into my classroom, I immediately went onto Twitter to get updated with what’s going on in the (One Direction) ‘fandom’. A tweet from One Direction. ‘One Direction statement’ with a link to it. ‘After five incredible years…’. I knew what was going to happen next. I already broke down. If you guys cannot already tell, I am a big ‘fan’ (I don’t really like using the word fan for some reason. just feels strange. I love them, their music and they mean a lot to me) of One Direction. After listening to WMYB four years ago, I fell in love (cheesy much.). So seeing them break apart really hurts. But as a fan, don’t you want the boys to feel happy? So even though we feel really awful and sh*t  (naughty) , I feel that we should still support Zayn and be happy with anything he decides to commit to. If taking a break from all this crazy stuff will make him feel better, we should accept it and give him support. We should also still care for the other boys as they have lost someone in the band that they have loved and seen as a brother to them.

zayn 2

“Do what you love, love what you do”. Well I try. I started dancing ballet when I was 5, I didn’t try any other genres besides ballet till school. I realised that ballet wasn’t my sort of thing anymore, that maybe i like contemporary more. i didn’t want to confess to myself this because this wasn’t the norm with my other dance mates, most of them preferred ballet to contemporary. but why should i be afraid to like something others don’t?

I’ve started taking ballet classes again outside school, every Thursday and Saturday. I thought I got my passion for ballet back, but it doesn’t seem like it. So I call it a break for ballet for now and I think I’d like to discover the different genres and find what suits me best. No point doing something you don’t like to do, right?


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