class cancelled ??!!

Guilty for the lack of posts… not to worry, I have finished my exams and have more time to update! I finished my Mid-Years this Monday, and if I’m not wrong, I went to the gym by myself for the first time!! I’m really glad that I have the motivation and determination now ❁ Can’t wait for my next gym session! On Tuesday and Wednesday,  I went kayaking with the school!! It was really fun but my face is badly sunburnt ▰˘︹˘▰ I went for a 1 Star Course so now I can kayak with my dad ┗(^∀^)┛


I am really taking the steps to becoming healthier. I have come quite a long way – from battling an eating disorder last year, to becoming more confident in myself and actually living. I focus on eating wholesome natural foods and try to have a balanced diet. I also want to take the initiative to get fit by working out at the gym on my non-dance days so that my body is well and also so that I can get stronger and have a better stamina for dance.


Today, I went to my tuition centre to find that my class was cancelled. *flips table* So, I went to the supermarket downstairs because why not?? hahahah. I helped to get my mum a few baking ingredients and also asked her if I could get some groceries of my own as I felt like cooking tomorrow  ≧▽≦ Here is what I got! (sorry for the really bad picture, edited it because the lighting was horrible)

here we have: seedless grapes, baby carrots, sweet potatoes and teriyaki chicken!

yes, i got the baby carrots because they are cute. i have a very bad weakness for food that look cute, sorry not sorry ^-^ Currently unsure of what I’ll be preparing for tomorrow. Maybe a salad?

I also stopped by the library. I borrowed 2 Clean Eating magazines! Hopefully I will get some inspiration from them 😉

March '15 issue
March ’15 issue
Jan/Feb '15 Issue
Jan/Feb ’15 Issue

Will try to post what I come up with tomorrow! Thanks for reading 🙂


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