eid mubarak ☺️

eid mubarak my fellow Muslim readers!! this marks the end of the enriching and fruitful journey of Ramadan – the month of fasting. i have finally learnt the true meaning of fasting, and also how fasting should not restrict the activities that I do, but instead let me do more beyond my comfort zone.

yesterday, we celebrated the end of Ramadan. my relatives came over to our place and we had the chance to catch up with each other over a variety of food – the usual Malay spread and also some other treats.

i decided to make tags for some of the goodies by simply writing on used paper (that can still be used obviously).

(i’m really sorry i didn’t get to take more photos!!! they’re literally all i have)

the natural confectionary 's dinosaurs and snakes!
the natural confectionary ‘s dinosaurs and snakes!

i wrote another text and pasted it at the back of the jar. it was a question that asked ‘what is your favourite animal?’ and i just feel it adds a fun touch to it and it’s sort of a conversation starter!


i also have these small bits of goodness, recipe adapted from That’s Some Good Cookin’. Will be writing a separate post on these peanut butter cookies another day!


you can jazz it up and add fun facts or did-you-know’s . i did this for the hershey’s kisses and wrote a fun fact about how it got it’s name!

ummmm so this post is kinda (really) short but just wanted to share this with you guys! enjoy your deserved weekend x



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