hey friends ❁

really sorry for the lack of posts, school has kept me busy and my laziness has kicked in tbh heh. anyway, just wanted to update you on some things.

ever since july (? can’t remember) i have thought a lot about my eating habits and diet and i’m considering a vegetarian diet. over the past few weeks, i’ve tried to be meatless (i still allowed myself dairy products and occasionally eggs), and i must say it has gone pretty well and i feel good about myself. i don’t wish to be so strict with myself now and totally avoid eating animal products, because if i do so and suddenly start eating meat again, my body will act strangely to it and it will just be crazy (i can sense this through my experience with ED). also, my parents (well my mum) don’t really support me in this as they think i would not get enough protein. well somewhat true… but there’s tofu and lots of other stuff ❀.(*´◡`*)❀.

but i guess it all goes down to why i want to lead a vegetarian lifestyle in the first place…

what are your thoughts on vegetarianism? share with me in the comments below!


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