Simply Wrapps

ok first of all – sorry for the lack of posts!

probably how i start every post, lol. oh well.

but today i’d like to share with you my experience at Simply Wrapps! I went there on the 27th of August with Ning ( for the first time and I can’t wait to go back there for more! The service was quite good and fast I guess, and the prices were ://// obviously but it’s definitely worth it.

There was a choice of having a salad/wrap from their menu or making your own salad/wrap – I chose the latter. I got a wholemeal wrap with lettuce, kidney beans, tofu, edamame beans, peanuts, carrots and mushroom, and sesame dressing to go with it.


they toasted the wrap, so it was extra yummy!!! the wrap, as you can tell from the picture, was very nicely wrapped and sealed, so i had quite an easy time eating it (coming from a very messy eater).


(those grill marks)

Ning got herself a wrap too, and she loved it :))

We can’t wait to try their other salads/wraps , as well as their breakfast/teabreak menu which sounds quite pleasing.

what are you waiting for? go give it a try!!!

(I tried to keep this short and simple because I know if I drag, I’d end up not even posting it)


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