Down Under

Hey friends (•ˇ‿ˇ•)

Sooo I just got back from Australia!! My family and I went to Perth, and stayed in Mandurah – south of Perth. It’s a lovely place and is such a great getaway for anyone who just wants a quick break (Perth is just 5 hours away from Singapore (◡‿◡) ) .

Seashells Mandurah

view from our balcony ♡

The weather was pretty chilly for me but I guess it was kinda perfect, compared to the weather we have here (the haze too, may i add?) – yikes!

There wasn’t much to do at Mandurah tbh, the malls weren’t exactly close and the shops near our apartment didn’t really excite me. The nearest mall sorta thing was Mandurah Forum – which had stores like Woolworths and K-Mart! I obviously got excited by Woolies and bought quite a few things there 🙂 The range of foods they have is crazy as compared to here, and their prices are quite reasonable too (i mean the coconut oil there costs $6 as compared to $20 here. rolls eyes)

pantry #1
pantry #2

here’s what i got!! (including my  family members’ lol)

local organic almond milk, maca powder, coconut and cocoa spread, ALMOND BUTTER, quinoa flakes

there was a whole range of non-dairy milk to choose from, but i tried to look for one with the least nasties (cane sugar, artificial flavourings what not) as possible. this brand of almond milk i got is all organic and only contains an additional agave syrup and sunflower oil.

Fyi, i made porridge with the almond milk and quinoa flakes and my verdict is tha i’d never get quinoa flakes ever again. i s2g.

this was my first meal in Mandurah! it was ricotta cheese w/ honey, cinnamon chips and a fruit bowl (*◕ᴗ◕*) it was my first time tying ricotta cheese, and i kinda like it, just that the texture is a little strange to me haha.


We also dropped by Perth city and Fremantle. We went to King’s Park (which was lovely) and had some coffee and cake.

a coconut oat cookie for myself, a raspberry coconut slice for m parents and a white choco macadamia nut for the brother

we made a short trip to Freo and ohmy the MARKET !!!!! can we just. i was overwhelmed. i don’t have that many pictures but i have one for my first ever cocowhipppp!!! also had lunch at Cicerello’s, and i got fish with couscous 🙂 i didn’t want that meal to end 😦

that guy was very friendly. i like friendly people.

this was so so good

the short trip to perth was what i needed before the hell term begins. australia, just wait,i’m coming back  x


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