i told myself i have to get back on track again after so much junk eating. so i decided to go on a ‘vegan cleanse’ today, and thankfully, actually succeeded!! (happy dance for me pls)

after dinner last night, we headed to Cold Storage and managed to get honey sweet potatoes at a reasonable price. i decided to not be such a lazy ass and cooked them for today’s lunch. i searched up some recipes on the lifesaver platform, Pinterest and found a sweet potato & chickpea recipe, which i tweaked from the Minimalist Baker 🙂

i mixed the chickpeas with seasonings like masala and added some coriander seeds. i tossed the sweet potatoes and carrots in coconut oil and salt, and baked all of them together for 20 minutes, then flipped them and put them in for another 15 minutes.

bake veg


they smelled pretty good i must say! but one thing for sure that i have learnt is to bake the sweet potatoes for longer.


diff veg

i think this is best eaten fresh and i don’t think i would pack this for lunch again.

i packed some grapes and cucumber sticks to snack on too! we ended up having a mini class party and thank God for Oreos i s2g. (OREOS ARE VEGAN.)

this is a really short post but just thought you guys would like to see this!

thank you for reading x


3 thoughts on “VEGAN ‘CLEANSE’

      1. It is so weird why would parents not allow that ? if you show them why you wanna turn vegan ( for ethical, health or environmental reasons) they should understand. Show them facts that is very important and educate yourself! And I can only speak for myself but I’m vegan for 5 months now and my iron and protein level is higher than before eat a good balance out of rice, beans, lentils ( amazing source of protein also beans), veggies, fruit and leaf salad or spinach! Maybe you did not eat enough because this is what many people do wrong on this lifestyle ( you can eat at every single meal until you feel good! Do not overeat though..) I hope that did help ❤ Love, Anna

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