this isn’t healthy

you heard that right – this treat i made wasn’t healthy!! i’ve always been trying to make only healthy desserts/snacks but almost never tried making a ‘proper’ treat. after a trip to the gym yesterday, i decided to bake chocolate doughnuts!! my mum helped me to find a (non-vegan,non-healthy) recipe from GrindelBerg.

The video was in Japanese but I could kinda understand it through the numbers and also the ingredients given in English in the description. The steps were fairly easy to follow and I had quite a good time making them.

i mean it’s chocolateee

the doughnuts came out nicely and i must say, im pretty proud of them (this is like the first treat i have actually made that is 99% successful)

 my mum helped me make a chocolate icing by melting milk chocolate with some coconut oil.


 it tasted really good and because the chocolate chips weren’t melted fully, you would bite into some parts of oozing chocolate and that’s one of the best feelings ever.

i had a hard time trying not to eat everything and even just writing this post, because they’re just that good. you guys should really try this and tell me how you find them!!

P.S also, i want to show you guys how eating mustn’t be all ‘clean’ or ‘healthy’. everything in moderation and you’ll be on the right track!



2 thoughts on “this isn’t healthy

  1. To be honest, I totally love that this recipe isn’t healthy. I thought that my own blog would be more health-centric, but so far, it turns out that I’ve been posting lots of sugar treats and loving it. I think we need to go in the direction that is natural for us and inspires us the most. ❤


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