yesterday, leeah (operationgluegun) and i made a trip to ikea !!! we had so much fun there since the both of us haven’t been there for so long. i love love love ikea, and recently they added Vegetable Balls to their ‘menu’. I was really excited and decided to try them.

it was $4 for 10 balls, and $6.50 for additional couscous to go with it. i just went for 10 veggie balls, and i must say they were pretty small.


the amount of bell peppers and sauce given wasn’t too generous i must say, but for $4, i guess i should just shut up and stop complaining.

veg balls

the veggie balls were quite ok i guess, i think one word i’d describe them is sad. and i don’t really think i’d buy them again? might give it a another try with couscous, might.

so that meal didn’t fill me up so i ordered a kids meal plate of meatballs haha !! they cost $3 and they’re really good.

ft. leeah's meat b and chicken wings
ft. leeah’s meat b and chicken wings

meat bb

lingonberry sauce ♡‿♡

(very) sadly, they weren’t selling their new froyo which we were both looking forward to 😦 so leeah got herself a cone of ice cream and i got myself a nice slice of their almond cake!

ay good lighting
ay good lighting

i must say that their desserts are pretty worth their price. this slice is $3, and it was pretty good.

pretty short post but just wanted to share with you what i ate on my trip to ikea! go visit ikea soooooon



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