sweet potato fries 🍠

decided to bake sweet potato fries with the honey sweet potatoes i got earlier this morning!  

i decided to use 3 of them (will probably just bake or boil the others soon) . i gave them a nice wash first before cutting 💦

it was pretty tricky cutting them, so perhaps the next time i’d soak them in water first.

afterwards, i seasoned them with olive oil, salt (i put a little too much 😅) and some paprika.

i baked them at 175 degrees celcius if i’m not wrong, for around 25 minutes.

they came out softer than i wanted but that’s ok haha.

i’d probably just bake plain ones next time, or maybe experiment with other seasonings. if you guys have any suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments! would love to know how i can jazz up these babies 🍠


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