give me my oats

hey guys! so i kind of really x100 like oatmeal and decided to jazz it up for yesterday’s breakfast 🙂  

in bed i looked through my pinterest board (i’m sarahtchin on pinterest!!) to find oatmeal recipes. i decided to go with peanut butter brownie batter oatmeal, i mean by the way that sounds who can resist?! (recipe here.)

i had all the ingredients the recipe called for so that was great 🙂 instead of drizzling peanut butter on top of it, i decided to pour my oatmeal into my jar of almost-finished peanut butter!! i always do this when my nut butters are almost finishing and 1. you can throw way the jar right after you eat, so less to clear 😜 2. you are now actually allowed to scrape and eat your nut butter  from the jar soooo.

the oatmeal itself tasted pretty good and i’d cook it again 🙂  the ingredients needed for this are almost always in my pantry and it only takes me like 5 minutes so defo worth it!!

have a good weekend, and also my heart goes out to everyone in danger, especially those in paris and japan. take care everyone and be very grateful that we’re here safe today.



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