16/11 eats

hello! so today i met up with ning and decided to bring her to The Living Cafe. The Living Cafe has good and wholesome food, catering to many vegans/vegetarians. their menu is quite amazing, from nutri-densed mains to mouth-watering desserts… probably a food haven to many!


tlc 2

love love love the place :)
love love love the place 🙂

it was pretty hard deciding what to eat, but i went for a sesame tofu burger, while ning got a spiced chicken burger.  both come with a side of coleslaw and sweet potato wedges.

they cater to everyone!!! so many options
they cater to everyone!!! so many options

we went at around 2:30 so we beat the crowd. our food took around 15 minutes, which was pretty ok i guess haha.

tlc food

i loveee the presentation (aesthetic hmm.) ! who wouldn’t?

tofu burg tlc


tofu tlc

the sweet potatoes were well seasoned, with quite a good balance of sweet and savoury. i love their homemade coleslaw too, it was simple and good 🙂 the ‘burger’ itself was actually just veggies – tofu as buns, probably just 2 slices of lettuce, 1 slice of eggplant, slice of tomato and some mushrooms. to be honest, i was quite disappointed with this, and felt it lacked flavour :/ much preferred the quinoa burger i had the first time i went there! (previous post on TLC here)

ning's spiced chicken burger
ning’s spiced chicken burger

ning felt her’s tasted just like a regular chicken burger, but with nicer buns haha.

i think both of us were looking forward to the dessert more haha, and couldn’t wait to finish up our meals so we could order our sweet treats.

their variety of raw,vegan treats is just amazing.
their variety of raw,vegan treats is just amazing.

tlc dessert 2

it was so hard choosing what to have!!! but i went for a raw blueberry cheesecake (vegan) and ning got a raw chocolate cheesecake (vegan).

look itttt
look itttt

tlc cheescake

tlc cheesecakee

the cheesecake was pretty good, with a nice blueberry part on top and a creamy plain filling put on a delicious base. there was a hint of a certain spice or something to it, which was pretty interesting 🙂 (ning and i were trying to figure out what it was haha but we still can’t seem to know??)

choco cheese

this is ning’s chocolate cheesecake, but i really liked hers! it was really chocolate chocolate, and it was really creamy and heavenly ~ i think i preferred hers to mine haha.

overall, i feel The Living Cafe is worth a visit. the service there is good, and it has a lovely ambience and atmosphere 🙂 the food however is pretty pricey (my burger was $14 and dessert was $8.5) so remember to bring a long enough change!

thanks for reading and look out for another post on my trip to Project Acai!! exciting :))

The Living Cafe – http://www.balancedlivingasia.com/living-cafe-and-deli/



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