cereal 25/8

i’ve been meaning to write this blog post for so long but always somehow forget about it!! but hereee, this is my cereal review 🙂 

so maybe like 2-3 weeks ago, i went to SuperNature, a health food market at Forum. i love love love that place and there’s always something new there for me! since i was out of cereal (for i think a solid month +, but i didn’t die 😜) , i decided to look for one and stumbled across Alpha Bites !!

i was attracted by

1. the super cute packaging


3. no refined sugars!!


the cereal also had very few ingredients which i always look for, and it’s vegan 🙂

i tried this with my almond milk the next morning.

it was probably love at first bite/crunch.


i immediately thought of kokocrunch when i ate it haha, and i just couldn’t believe how only 4 really good-for-you ingredients could make such a delicious and wholesome cereal !! to me, the cereal wasn’t lacking anything at all, it had just the right amount of sweetness and the texture was good too.

i found my name 😜 ~happy dances~

i usually have them as snacks now, together with my almond milk. they make really good ones and they can help satisfy my (almost never-ending) chocolate craving!!

do give this a try if you can 🙂

have a great monday, kick assss !




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