hello friends!

(let’s move on to the point of this post before i go on and on about why i’ve been so inactive. will save that for the end shall we?)

today, i’ll be doing a review on sufood! its second outlet opened recently (around 2 months ago) at Wheelock Place, next to NamNam. sufood is an italian-inspired vegetarian restaurant. it offers quite a variety of rich, colourful, nutrient dense meals, ranging from pizza to mediterranean skewers.

on my first visit there, i decided to try their rainbow baked pasta.


it is pasta filled with cauliflower, broccoli, mixed with their creamy tomato sauce, and topped with cherry radish and a layer of melted parmesan cheese 👌🏻

the vegetables were cooked nicely and the amount of cheese was just right. however, i would have liked the sauce to be a simple non-creamy one, but i guess it didn’t really matter that much. all in all, it was really delicious, it had such a good blend of flavours and an overall nice balance of sweet and savoury (which i always love). 😌


my mum got the zesty oyster mushroom rice too!

(the lighting there is pretty bad so sozz !!)

it’s oven-toasted rice with white radish, corn, carrot and cabbage, served with fried king oyster mushroom and spicy sauce.

this dish reminded me a lot of bibimbap, and i honestly really liked this dish. the rice was cooked very nicely, and the mushrooms were tender and pretty much chicken meat-textured! this meal was also very rich with flavours and a great meal to enjoy 🍲✨


on my second visit (today’s lunch), my mum and i got the special lunch offer, which is a pretty amazing deal!


i decided on an onion and cheese soup, with a white ferula pasta as a main course and a ‘sunny’ fruit juice. as for my mum, she ordered a pumpkin soup with porcini pasta and the same drink.

(disclaimer: sufood does not have the best lighting so sorry in adv for the bad photos!)



the soup was 👌🏻💯✨ . it was so warm and comforting and just 😌😌😌 ok basically it was too good for words ahahaha 😅 i defo recommend this!!

they gave us a free salad too btw! it was their classic garden salad – lettuce, rocket, peppers, almonds, sprinkled with fried lotus roots. it was a really good tasty salad, and fried lotus roots were something new to me and they tasted a lot like sweet potato chips which was pretty cool 🙂


as for my mum’s pumpkin soup… um i wasn’t much of a fan honestly! it’s really thick with a very strong pumpkin flavour. i think it’s just me because i don’t really like pumpkin that much haha. (my mum liked it)


now for the mains!! my white ferula pasta is mixed with pesto, ferula mushrooms and vegetables. it came out to be a pretty big serving! but oh my, it was scrumptious and one of the best pastas i’ve tried 🙂 (would have liked a bit more salt to it tho!)



i didn’t take pictures of my mum’s pasta but she enjoyed it aha.

after my two trips there, i feel that sufood is really worth a visit and would give it a 7/10 ? there’s one thing that i’d like to highlight tho – they put mushrooms in almost everything. i am not kidding. so if you aren’t a big fan of mushrooms… 😬 also, i feel that they should have a wider variety of (simple) drinks, as for now the juices they serve are of pretty wild combos and people might not be too daring to try them! besides these two pointers, sufood is a great place to hang and chill, as well as a a place to get delicious wholesome food !😉



haha i have been really busy (when i say really, i mean it) with school for the past month!! i’m in my third year in an arts school this year, and it’s pretty dang hectic and tiring (especially as a dancer, yikes). i’m still trying to balance my time so that i have equal amounts of work and rest, so please bare with the inconsistent number/lack of posts! hope you are having a great year so far and thank you so much for reading. 😌


‘you can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one’


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