lunch/dinners on the go


hi readers! i’ll try to make this ‘omg i haven’t posted in so long’ thing short. i’ll try  hope the year/month has been great for you. if it hasn’t, take it one day at a time and always know that each day is a new one for you to start again 😉

anyways, i wanted to update on what i’ve been eating in school. usually, my (very thoughtful) mum would take the time to cook and pack lunch boxes (since i don’t have that much time to do it now) for me to eat in school, so that i can eat in the classroom and do my work without wasting time. mum packs me nutrient dense meals that would last me the school hours, and would also sneak in snacks like fruits/crackers/cakes for me!

here are a few examples! she usually packs leftovers, or makes a stir fry.



or sandwiches!!! (if you don’t already know my love for bread…)

grilled veggie
grilled tomato, cheese, and mushroom

i guess i just wanted to write this short post to give you some ideas of what to pack to school/work! packing food not only saves time when you are at school/work but also allows you to save money 👌🏻 so what are you waiting for?

P.S on average, each person in Singapore wastes 2 bowls of food per day. hmm. kinda worrying ain’t it?

press on, you’re half way through the week!








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