what i ate! (bath & oxford)

it’s been far too long since i posted anything on here! so i’ve decided to write and share with you what i ate while i was in bath, oxford & london last week 🙂

healthy and wholesome food is pretty accessible in bath & london (as compared to singapore), and i did not have so much trouble finding good food to eat!


we landed in heathrow and drove to bath straight afterwards. we stopped by waitrose and got this juice! (there’s juice everywhere?!) it was gooood.


the hotel was kind enough to give us complimentary breakfast. i had a peach (wasn’t the best…), some watermelon (sour?), bread and some cereal! (it is pretty hard to request for non-dairy milk there, so i just had dry cereal haha)



bran flakes with some banana chips and a dried apricot

we went to a nearby sainsbury’s to get some snacks. i got walker’s baked crisps (which are pretty yummy) and juice!


great smoothie made by great people!

there was a halal thai place near our hotel, thai by the weir, so we decided to have lunch there. service was good 🙂 ordered the vegetable pad khing with additional tofu, so so yummy!!!



we only spent a few hours in oxford, mainly to walk around oxford university and go to a market.

stopped  by sainsbury’s and got myself some more juice (juice is everywhere) and soy milk!

the juice was actually really good, despite its off- putting colour! i could only taste the mango in it tbh hahaha. as for the milk, i forgot to check the ingredients and found some unnecessary ingredients in it 😦 still drank it though, but wouldn’t buy this brand again!



headed over to pret a manger for lunch. can i just say that it is the best thing ever?! such a good range of wholesome food and caters to everyone’s needs!

went with this vegan flat bread!





this probably isn’t directly related to what this post is about, but i felt it was very important to share this with you.

we went to this place called Avon Valley Adventure and Wildlife Park, basically a small farm with some obstacles and rides meant for kids. i wasn’t too keen on going there in the first place (those animals want to roam freely ok) but was even more disheartened when i saw this sign just as i was exiting.


funny isn’t it, that just a few minutes ago i was stroking the precious little animals in the farm and know you are telling us to eat them?


i’m really sorry how selfish the world has been. 



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