yes natural bakery 🍞

so a couple of days back, i was searching for vegan bakeries online. i chanced upon this place called yes natural bakery in the aljunied area. i decided to check the place out yesterday and here’s what i think about it!

the shop was smaller than what i expected, but i guess it was their variety that mattered more. they labeled their breads so it is pretty easy to tell which was vegan (you can ask their friendly staff too). they have quite a variety of vegan loafs, but not so much of their savoury or sweet buns.

spotted this in the shop 🙂

i ended up getting their soy cranberry bun, walnut muffin and multigrain loaf, all vegan of course!

i tried their soy cranberry bun that afternoon. i quite liked it. it was not too sweet and so fluffy! 80 cents for this.

the multigrain loaf is sugar free, but still pretty sweet! i had it as a sandwich and enjoyed it.


lastly, the walnut muffin!

it resembled a cake like texture. really reminded me of the cake i had at ethos! it had a nice balance of sweetness and salt from the walnuts 🙂


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