restaurant review – Whole Earth

the family kindly agreed to check out a vegetarian restaurant for my birthday dinner – Whole Earth! It was recently awarded the prestigious Bib Gourmand award, and we hence we had quite high expectations of it (which they exceeded!)



we arrived at around 5:30pm. the restaurant had just opened for their second shift and it was empty! very nice and simple setting 🙂



we ordered a few dishes to share – olive fried rice, sambal broccoli, steamed jade wraps, rendang and sweet & sour!

the olive fried rice was well seasoned! (i honestly have nothing else to say about this HAHA)

olive fried rice

the sambal broccoli, even though incredibly spicy, was so good! there was also some crunchy bits they put in there (honestly don’t know what they are) which adds great texture to the dish!

sambal broccoli

next were the steamed jade wraps. i was attracted by the looks of it, i mean, look how pretty! they contained a filling of vegetables. this is was just an average dish but i guess it’s worth trying!


third is the penang rendang!!!!! before i stopped eating beef / turned vegan, i used to love my grandma’s rendang. and now i’m so happy i can enjoy eating it again without all the meat! the meat was substituted with mushrooms. this was honestly my favourite dish!


who needs meat anymore?!

last but defo not least, was the sweet & sour (mock meat)! this really tasted good. the mock meat tasted way too real i thought i was eating chicken for a second…



overall, it was a great experience at Whole Earth! really recommend it for family meals, a great place for both vegans and meat eaters 🙂 my dad, a big meat eater, truly liked eating there. if that doesn’t say a lot, i don’t know what does.


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