hello hello! if y’all don’t know, i am a noob at making pancakes. i’ve been trying since probably last year to make healthy / vegan pancakes but they always turn out horrible – too raw, too bland, is this even edible?! buttt, i always try again and again, anddd i think i can make pretty yummy pancakes now! today, i used the vegan corner’s (check that guy out on youtube. his narration is soo entertaining) recipe

i made sure not to overmix it this time (i used to mix my batter a lot so i was careful this time) and used a griddle to make it so i had a wider surface area to flip them. (i used to cook them on a very small pan, #stupid) 

not exaggerating or anything, but agave is a real life saver. shout out to agave
even though i could tell when to flip the pancakes, i had difficulty in knowing when to flip it a second time. if anyone knows a trick, leave a comment down below please!

the actual texture of the pancakes were pretty rubbery, i have to admit. but now that i know this, i’ll defo make some improvements to it. other than that, i think the pancakes were pretty good!!! really wanted some chocolate sauce on top tho 😦 

if you’re craving some pancakes, do give this recipe a try and tell me how it is! if you have any other suggestions, do leave them in the comments! 🙂




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