hello! last week, i convinced my parents to have lunch at Loving Hut! have been wanting to visit this place since forever and i’m so glad i finally got to eat there 🙂

i was already real excited from the look of the restaurant! very simple and welcoming set 🙂 wished the lighting inside was better though 😅


love the colour scheme!IMG_8282



seated across this! how cute 🙂

here’s some shots of the menu (under their bad light boohoo) ! bitesized info on veganism, yay to spreading the message! (btw Loving Hut is fully vegan!)

IMG_8291FullSizeRender 12FullSizeRender 11

my father and i coincidentally ordered the same dish of braised hokkien noodles! i also got an aloe lemon drink to refresh me on that sunny day. we reached there at around 2 and our food only took 10-15 minutes to arrive!

(i apologise again for the bad lighting yikes)

great one for a hot day!


the serving was huge! but i obviously finished it because it was real delicious and i didn’t want to waste any hahaha. the noodles had some veggies and mock meat with it. i personally thought this was a very good dish, just thought it could be even tastier with some pickled green chilli hehe!

my father, a big meat-eater, much to my surprise, really enjoyed this dish! he also mentioned how he wants to bring my grandparents here since the food is good, which makes me real happy 🙂

my brother got the sweet and sour nugget set while my mother got the pan fried shoot & asparagus salad, with a matcha latte. i didn’t get to try their food but they seemed to enjoy it haha.



they also had a mini section where they sold snacks!IMG_8305

overall, i thought my experience there was really good! compared to other restaurants, i think Loving Hut is quite affordable. It’s a great place to bring your non-vegan family and friends along, as there is a wide variety of local and western dishes to choose from! i mean, if my dad likes it… anybody will! do visit Loving Hut soon, and i hope there will be more vegan restaurants like these in singapore!



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