i’ve been vegan for around 5 months now, and i feel great.Β keeping the environment in mind always motivates me to continue with this lifestyle and i encourage everyone to do the same – just give it a shot!

today, i decided to bake some chocolate goodness…



here you see chocolate cake, with bits of almond butter chocolate in it, a splash of peppermint extract, sprinkled with cacao nibs on the top.

tell me that doesn’t sound good.

i used the recipe my mother created the previous time, it is so easy and i think quite dumb-proof. i suck at anything that involves prepping my own food, and this turns out pretty damn good, so.

(as i was typing that i forgot i was boiling water and almost wasted too much gas and burnt down the house)


i actually used the ever-amazing air fryer for this, but i’m pretty sure the oven would work just as fine too. here’s the recipe!




1 cup flour (if you’re not using self-raising flour, add 1 tsp of baking powder)

1 cup sugar (i used 1/3 coconut sugar, but it’s totally up to you)

1/3 cup cocoa powder

1/2 cup oil (feel free to use any)

1/2 cup water

1/2 tsp vanilla

additional toppings (optional)

chocolate/ chocolate chips

cacao nibs

peppermint extract (mmm)

or whatever you fancy!

mix all the dry ingredients. afterwards, create a well and pour in the wet ingredients. top it off with some chocolate, pop it into the oven for around 15-20 mins at 180 degrees celcius.

while it’s baking, wash up and most importantly, lick the bowl clean.

once the cake is done, let it cool and brace yourself for one of the most delicious, fudgy chocolate cakes that you will probably finish in one go. try not to though.

hope you try it out and let me know what you think!

when the chocolate bits melt and create some fudgy goodness :”)


hello! last week, i convinced my parents to have lunch at Loving Hut! have been wanting to visit this place since forever and i’m so glad i finally got to eat there πŸ™‚

i was already real excited from the look of the restaurant! very simple and welcoming set πŸ™‚ wished the lighting inside was better though πŸ˜…


love the colour scheme!IMG_8282



seated across this! how cute πŸ™‚

here’s some shots of the menu (under their bad light boohoo) ! bitesized info on veganism, yay to spreading the message! (btw Loving Hut is fully vegan!)

IMG_8291FullSizeRender 12FullSizeRender 11

my father and i coincidentally ordered the same dish of braised hokkien noodles! i also got an aloe lemon drink to refresh me on that sunny day. we reached there at around 2 and our food only took 10-15 minutes to arrive!

(i apologise again for the bad lighting yikes)

great one for a hot day!


the serving was huge! but i obviously finished it because it was real delicious and i didn’t want to waste any hahaha. the noodles had some veggies and mock meat with it. i personally thought this was a very good dish, just thought it could be even tastier with some pickled green chilli hehe!

my father, a big meat-eater, much to my surprise, really enjoyed this dish! he also mentioned how he wants to bring my grandparents here since the food is good, which makes me real happy πŸ™‚

my brother got the sweet and sour nugget set while my mother got the pan fried shoot & asparagus salad, with a matcha latte. i didn’t get to try their food but they seemed to enjoy it haha.



they also had a mini section where they sold snacks!IMG_8305

overall, i thought my experience there was really good! compared to other restaurants, i think Loving Hut is quite affordable. It’s a great place to bring your non-vegan family and friends along, as there is a wide variety of local and western dishes to choose from! i mean, if my dad likes it… anybody will! do visit Loving Hut soon, and i hope there will be more vegan restaurants like these in singapore!



hello hello! if y’all don’t know, i am a noob at making pancakes. i’ve been trying since probably last year to make healthy / vegan pancakes but they always turn out horrible – too raw, too bland, is this even edible?! buttt, i always try again and again, anddd i think i can make pretty yummy pancakes now! today, i used the vegan corner’s (check that guy out on youtube. his narration is soo entertaining) recipe

i made sure not to overmix it this time (i used to mix my batter a lot so i was careful this time) and used a griddle to make it so i had a wider surface area to flip them. (i used to cook them on a very small pan, #stupid) 

not exaggerating or anything, but agave is a real life saver. shout out to agave
even though i could tell when to flip the pancakes, i had difficulty in knowing when to flip it a second time. if anyone knows a trick, leave a comment down below please!

the actual texture of the pancakes were pretty rubbery, i have to admit. but now that i know this, i’ll defo make some improvements to it. other than that, i think the pancakes were pretty good!!! really wanted some chocolate sauce on top tho 😦 

if you’re craving some pancakes, do give this recipe a try and tell me how it is! if you have any other suggestions, do leave them in the comments! πŸ™‚


restaurant review – Whole Earth

the family kindly agreed to check out a vegetarian restaurant for my birthday dinner – Whole Earth! It was recently awarded the prestigious Bib Gourmand award, and we hence we had quite high expectations of it (which they exceeded!)



we arrived at around 5:30pm. the restaurant had just opened for their second shift and it was empty! very nice and simple setting πŸ™‚



we ordered a few dishes to share – olive fried rice, sambal broccoli, steamed jade wraps, rendang and sweet & sour!

the olive fried rice was well seasoned! (i honestly have nothing else to say about this HAHA)

olive fried rice

the sambal broccoli, even though incredibly spicy, was so good! there was also some crunchy bits they put in there (honestly don’t know what they are) which adds great texture to the dish!

sambal broccoli

next were the steamed jade wraps. i was attracted by the looks of it, i mean, look how pretty! they contained a filling of vegetables. this is was just an average dish but i guess it’s worth trying!


third is the penang rendang!!!!! before i stopped eating beef / turned vegan, i used to love my grandma’s rendang. and now i’m so happy i can enjoy eating it again without all the meat! the meat was substituted with mushrooms. this was honestly my favourite dish!


who needs meat anymore?!

last but defo not least, was the sweet & sour (mock meat)! this really tasted good. the mock meat tasted way too real i thought i was eating chicken for a second…



overall, it was a great experience at Whole Earth! really recommend it for family meals, a great place for both vegans and meat eaters πŸ™‚ my dad, a big meat eater, truly liked eating there. if that doesn’t say a lot, i don’t know what does.

pong ice cream

around 2 weeks ago, farah and i went to scape again to have this amazing, dairy-free, vegan, delicious ice cream!!!!


i got the bowl (they used a coconut shell!) of coconut ice cream, mango sorbet, left over coconut flesh and 3 toppings – sticky rice, red bean and cornflakes! this really cool concept ends off with coconut water, so the entire coconut is being used!


tbh, i really can’t describe this in words, because it’s that amazing. creamy, good balance of sweetness, refreshing… what more can you ask for in this scorching weather?!


do make sure you make a trip down to Pong soon! defo worth it πŸ˜‰

yes natural bakery πŸž

so a couple of days back, i was searching for vegan bakeries online. i chanced upon this place called yes natural bakery in the aljunied area. i decided to check the place out yesterday and here’s what i think about it!

the shop was smaller than what i expected, but i guess it was their variety that mattered more. they labeled their breads so it is pretty easy to tell which was vegan (you can ask their friendly staff too). they have quite a variety of vegan loafs, but not so much of their savoury or sweet buns.

spotted this in the shop πŸ™‚

i ended up getting their soy cranberry bun, walnut muffin and multigrain loaf, all vegan of course!

i tried their soy cranberry bun that afternoon. i quite liked it. it was not too sweet and so fluffy! 80 cents for this.

the multigrain loaf is sugar free, but still pretty sweet! i had it as a sandwich and enjoyed it.


lastly, the walnut muffin!

it resembled a cake like texture. really reminded me of the cake i had at ethos! it had a nice balance of sweetness and salt from the walnuts πŸ™‚

what i ate! (london)

very surprised by the amount of views and likes of my previous post! thank you πŸ™‚

(if you want to see more on what i saw/did in bath, check this out!)


i did not have trouble at all finding vegetarian/vegan food there, it was just the matter of finding less expensive ones haha. before my trip, i actually went to research on what vegan places to go to, and i got the chance to visit the VEGAN ICE CREAM PLACE!!!! (i fangirl over it all the time)

my cousin’s friend recommended a place called Ethos for lunch. they go by pay-by-weight concept, and i think it’s great!! it’s also a mostly vegan place, and they have such a good variety of food as well as sweet treats! if you are visiting london, youΒ haveΒ to visit this place!

their setup is lovely too!



their wide variety of dishes



almost all of them were vegan?!




this was what i got! some chickpea salad, roasted eggplant, roasted veggies, naan w/ guac, cauliflower fritter and sweet potato chips 😍


my plate cost around Β£9, and it was soo worth it.


after this, my mother and i shared a slice of their pomegranate, pistachio and rose cake!

it was pretty good, but i don’t think it’s the best though?

nearby, there is also a place called Yorica!Β it is a cute little shop on wardour street, and offers a wide range of vegan ice cream as well as vegan froyo!!



i tried a few of their ice cream flavours, but decided to go with their froyo hahaha. i got a caramel flavoured one, topped with passionfruit and oreos!!!


the froyo was sooooo good, it was not too sweet and it was basically perfect. the tartness of the passionfruit balanced everything, and i think i could have this every week…

nice consistency!

if you have read my previous post, you probably know that i love pret a manger! i went there several times too in london. this was my lunch before visiting the tower of london!

i settled with a veggie wrap and a soy hot chocolate to keep me warm πŸ™‚



my dad and i also shared this pot of soup (can’t remember which flavour it was though!) to keep us warm. yes, we were all feeling quite cold after sitting on the upper deck of the hop-on-hop-off bus hahaha.


FullSizeRender 2.jpg
this put a smile on my face πŸ™‚ always so nice to see people who care too!

we were quite curious what Itsu was (there are so many of them?) and decided to head in for a snack. i got some vegetable dumplings, but was quite disappointed by it 😦 it was too cold and the filling wasn’t the best.

FullSizeRender 3.jpg

last but not least, i went to WHOLE FOODS!!!! i’ve always been seeing you tubers go there and always found the wide variety of health food amazing!

went to the one in Kensington. i was already squirming when i saw the sign post…




lol i really wanted a salad but i didn’t know how to pay for it afterwards HAHA


this is so cute! and really helpful especially when you only want a small amount of veggies. #muchneeded

this is what i got!


really thought the coconut collaborative’s cause was pretty cool! supporting farmers πŸ™‚




the nakd bar was so-so, i wouldn’t buy it again because i feel it’s simple to make at home?

on the other hand, i have fallen in love with trek bars!!! i tried the banana bread and cocoa coconut flavours, they were both really good!!!

the coconut collaborative yogurt was pretty plain, and really wasn’t sweet enough for me 😦 it is probably just the normal taste of coconut yogurt, because with the rebel kitchen ones it tasted the same?

this was pretty lengthy but i hope you enjoyed this post!